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MyKids is an app for churches focused on the Children’s Ministry, which makes it easier to pastor children. Far beyond just printing labels, it is an app to connect families with the ministry and streamline management.
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What is MyKids?

MyKids is an app created especially for the Children’s Ministry. With a flexible system, our team seeks to understand the needs and functioning of your church to offer a solution that is ideal for your reality!

The app for churches gives you full information about the children and their families, in addition to allowing you to check in and out of the Children’s Ministry quickly and securely. You can also communicate with parents and guardians during the service, throughout the week and much more!

Whether your church is large or small, MyKids offers tools to pastor children with excellence, so you can serve and be a guiding light in your Children’s Ministry!

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O MyKids é um aplicativo criado especialmente para o Ministério Infantil. Com um sistema flexível, nosso time busca entender as necessidades e funcionamento da sua igreja para oferecer uma solução que seja ideal para sua realidade!

Com o app para igrejas, você tem informações completas sobre as crianças e suas famílias, além de fazer o controle de entrada e saída no Ministério Infantil com agilidade e segurança. Também é possível se comunicar com os responsáveis durante o culto, ao longo da semana e muito mais! 

Seja sua igreja grande ou pequena, o MyKids oferece ferramentas para pastorear as crianças com excelência, para servir e ser luz no seu Ministério Infantil!

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How does MyKids work?

Sign Up

Families can sign up directly on the app. Important information about the child is inserted so that your church ministry can get to know them!

Access to Children’s Ministry

Check-in is really quick. All the information is in the palm of your hand and, with just a few clicks, you can check your child in. After scanning the QR Code, the label with the child’s primary information is automatically printed.

During the service

During the service, the teachers of each class have access to the most important information about the children in their class (both via the app and the label), and are able to call parents directly via the app or WhatsApp if necessary.

End of service

The app has parameters that ensure that the child only leaves the Children’s Ministry with the authorized guardian at check-out.


O cadastro é feito pelas famílias diretamente no app. Informações importantes sobre a criança são inseridas, para que o ministério da sua igreja a conheça! 

Acesso ao Ministério Infantil

O check-in de acesso é muito rápido. Todas as informações estão na palma da mão e, com apenas alguns cliques, já realizam a entrada da criança. Após a leitura do QR Code, a etiqueta com as informações principais da criança
é impressa automaticamente.  

Acompanhamento de culto

Durante o culto, os professores de cada turma têm acesso às informações mais importantes das crianças que estão em  sua sala (tanto pelo aplicativo, quanto pela  etiqueta), além de poder chamar os pais  diretamente pelo app ou WhatsApp, caso  necessário.  

Saída das crianças

O app tem parâmetros que garantem que a criança só saia do Ministério Infantil com o responsável autorizado no momento do check-out. 
Make managing the Children’s Ministry easier!
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The app made so you can serve and be a guiding light at Children’s Ministry

Learn about our benefits:

Easy to use

  • Self-registration: families register themselves, including providing all of the most relevant information about their child. The app is 100% free of charge to parents.
  • In the palm of your hand: check-in equipment is not required and you can use the app entirely from your cell phone.
  • Quick support: the support team is ready to assist you from Sunday to Sunday.
  • Personalized deployment: the system is deployed according to the needs and particularities of your Children’s Ministry, as well as offering materials to instruct the church.
  • Full training: our team provides comprehensive training so that your staff can become familiar with and use everything MyKids has to offer for your church.

Agility and organization

  • Say goodbye to long lines: the check-in process is very fast and takes about 4 seconds.
  • Visitor check-in: visitors don’t need to download the app. They can sign up through a quick and easy link.
  • Centralized information: all the information you need about the child, the family, attendance and classes is in one place, all in the palm of your hand.
  • Personalized reports: obtain important reports to direct management, such as how many visitors they receive or how many children have specific needs or dietary restrictions.


  • Emergency notifications: if necessary, call the parent or guardian directly via the app or WhatsApp with just one click. 
  • Connect families with the ministry: send notifications and communicate with families during the week.
  • Class reports: share with parents what the children have been learning with class reports for each classroom, either in groups or individually, all from the app.


  • Security at the entrance and exit: only authorized guardians can drop off and pick up the child. All this is confirmed with security parameters in the app.
  • Information security: get secure information from guardians about children’s allergies, dietary restrictions and specific needs.
  • Data security: access to information is granted according to the volunteer’s position in the Ministry.
  • Right to image and likeness: allows the Church to safely post photos of the children on social media, with authorization granted by parents directly from the app. 

Other advantages of MyKids

Events module
organize your children’s ministry events with all the ease of MyKids.
Wristband printing
the church can choose to use wristband printing or label printing.
Dismissal request
guardians can request the child's dismissal directly from the reception and the teacher can view it on the cell phone or smart TV in the classrooms.
Visitor’s totem
provide a special experience for visitors, with registration and check-in via totem.
Check-in for pre-teens
you can use MyKids to control the access and attendance of your church’s pre-teens, without printing tags.
Get all of these benefits

Make managing the
Children’s Ministry easier!

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