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Pastoring children and guiding them to the Word of God are precious missions that can be made easier with MyKids! In addition to ensuring a safer Children’s Ministry, we have strengthened communication with families and made management easier.


Up to 50 check-ins per day
US$ 39
*US$ 59 in the first month
Suporte de domingo a domingo
Relatórios e gráficos
Comunicação com os pais com um clique
Envio do resumo das aulas
Check-in express: sem equipamentos
Relatório de aulas
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Up to 150 check-ins per day
US$ 69
*US$ 99 in the first month
Todas as vantagens do plano Start
Monitoramento de lanche
Impressão de etiquetas de identificação
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Up to 350 check-ins per day
US$ 119
*US$ 159 in the first month
Todas as vantagens dos planos Start e Standard
Solicitação de saída - integre o check-out com a Smart TV
Relatórios e gráficos personalizados
Inscrições antecipadas para eventos e cultos
Etiqueta personalizada
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*Setup fee, charged only for the first month of use.

What do you mean “check-ins per day”?

On MyKids, plans are divided according to the number of check-ins you make per day. The key is to determine the busiest day in your Children’s Ministry and calculate the average number of children you receive on that day.

More advantages for your church:

Support Sunday-Sunday
Reports and charts
One-click communication with parents
Class summary
Express check-in - deviceless
Class report
Lunch monitoring
ID tag printing
Dismissal request - check-out integrated with SmartTV
Custom reports and charts
Advance sign-up for events and services
Custom tag
WhatsApp integration
Personalized totem page
Personalized characters and material for the church
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Questions you may have

MyKids plans are charged on a monthly basis. They vary based on the average number of children you receive on your busiest days.

Important: if at a specific event you receive a few more children than the number of check-ins per day you have selected, your price will not be automatically adjusted. MyKids understands that there are exceptions and therefore works with an average number of children per day!
The setup fee is paid for the first month of use only, so that our team can help with the process of implementing the system in your church, adjusting features to suit your needs and how your Children’s Ministry works.
No! First, it’s important to know that tags or wristbands are not a requirement for MyKids, since all the security is in the apps, not in the children’s visual identification.
If you have a large number of children (over 100) or a lot of visitors, ID tags will help you, as they contain a lot of information that can be easily seen.

Now, if your church has up to 100 children per Sunday, using the 100% digital system without ID printers is not only cheaper, as there is no equipment cost, but it is also more practical, as the platform has all the virtual ID data in the apps of parents and volunteers.
After your purchase, our deployment team will contact you within 24 hours, providing access, training and configurations.
MyKids does not lock users into a contract. There is a contract to guarantee security for the church and the system, but you can end it whenever you want!

We are Brazil’s most popular Children’s Ministry app. With MyKids, you:

  • Speed up the check-in process for kids at Children’s Ministry
  • Ensure their safety at the start and end of the service
  • Can keep your service more organized, reducing lines, splitting up classes by age group and more
  • Facilitates communication with parents, which is done via cell phone and takes just a few clicks
  • Generates reports on family attendance at church

MyKids is made by people who love to serve people!

The app was developed by people who know what the Children’s Ministry is all about. Every detail is thought out so that your needs are met as best as possible.

Here are some of the details that make MyKids the app of choice for the main churches in Brazil:

  • Support Sunday-Sunday
  • Class summary
  • Notification for parents arriving at reception
  • WhatsApp integration
  • Flexible system
  • Check-out with online check
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